[{NEW}] The Game Season 6 Episode 10 Online Goodnight, Sweet The Game

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The Game Season 6 Episode 10a


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sport
Episode Name: TBA
Air date: 5/21/2013
Summary: A spin-off of “Girlfriends” featuring a group of women who all have relationships with professional football players. The sitcom stars Tia Mowry (Sister, Sister) as Melanie Barnett, a young woman who is thrust into the world of professional football when her boyfriend becomes a wide receiver for the San Diego Sabers.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a review of The Game this season (partly because I’m mad at BET putting Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Pooch Hall down as recurring characters, thus forcing Tia’s hand to leave the show). However, it’s a tradition that I’ve done since the show moved to BET, and because I’ve been watching this show since the very beginning, I feel a sense of loyalty.

Picking up from last season, the premiere starts off with footage of all of the characters present day.  Jason (Coby Bell) and Chardonnay (Brandy) are still together going strong, Malik (Hosea Chanchez) is being the typical man-ho that he used to be before Jenna, Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) is still her same old crazy self, and Derwin (Pooch) is in training. Of course, we see two new characters Keira Whitaker (played by Lauren London) and Bryce “Blueprint” Westbrook (played by Jay Ellis) as well.

Everyone’s in New York. At the 2013 Pro Football Draft, Jason is reporting, while Malik and Derwin discuss their own draft experiences. The guys also discuss new dude Bryce who is said to be the game-changing player this football season. In that moment, Baltimore selects Bryce to join their team as the #1 pick.

Meanwhile, Keira is a seasoned actress who starred in a 90s sitcom and wants new challenges. However, no one really takes her seriously. At a meeting about a new role, the director tells her that he will give her an extra role for no money IF she will get him a date with her agent. She angrily walks away from the table.

Tasha and Chardonnay talk over drinks, with Chardonnay branching out into NY fashion…which isn’t always the best look for her ha! Tasha is still getting texts from Rick Fox, even though she’s with Pookie! It’s clear that she will have to choose between them later on in the season. Right then, Bryce was quickly traded from Baltimore to the San Diego Sabers, and they traded Derwin to do it…on LIVE TV. That, of course, changed the game seriously! Derwin is definitely on the verge of losing it as he walks out of the crowded room, and Jason tries to keep him together. Malik is pissed off as well, and angrily approaches the owner. The owner got rid of Derwin because of Derwin’s altercation with quarterback Kwan last season that put Kwan on the injured list.

[{NEW}] Deadliest Catch Season 9 Episode 6 Online Goodnight, Sweet Deadliest Catch

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Deadliest Catch Season 9 Episode 6a

Genre: Documentary, Reality-TV
Episode Name: Fist to the Face
Air date: 5/21/2013
Summary: The Bering Sea holds the secret to Alaskan Gold, the highly lucrative and elusive…King Crab. With a new set of rules to abide by the ships and the crews will have new deadlines, more stress, and more dangerous conditions. With forty-foot waves, 700 pound crab pots, freezing temperatures and your mortality staring you in the face…this job ranks as one of the deadliest. Any time spent of the Bering Sea is dangerous, we watch crews race to meet their quota and make it home safely.

he Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” started its eighth season Tuesday night with our favorite crab fishermen of the Bering Sea.

There have been a few changes but it’s still the show fans know and love.

Deadliest Catch veterans Captains Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand of the F/V Time Bandit, and Captain Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern and their crews are back once more.

Monte Colburn, brother of Deadliest Catch veteran Captain Keith Colburn of the F/V Wizard is sitting out this season due to shoulder surgery he had three weeks before fishing began. He will hopefully be back to fish for Opilio crabs.

Josh and Jake Harris, sons of the late Captain Phil Harris are on different boats this time around. It wasn’t possible to take the F/V Cornelia Marie to sea then so Josh is now on the F/V Time Bandit and Jake is now aboard the F/V Northwestern.

Captain Elliot Neese welcomes childhood friend Aaron Steiner to the F/V Ramblin’ Rose and Captain “Wild Bill” Wichrowski of the F/V Kodiak replaced his entire crew from last season. F/V Seabrooke Captain Scott Campbell Jr. re-hires his brother, Chris “Whipper” Welch. Only time will tell how these new developments work out.

This season has the captains dealing with crab quotas that are down due to a decrease in the red king crab population. To give the critters a chance to increase in numbers again the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has cut catch quotas in half.

In response to this several of the captains have decided to fish for red and blue king crab to try to make up for money lost because of the new rules. Blue crabs are not in the usual fishing grounds and they are farther north where the sea is a lot rougher and they are more elusive than their red counterparts.

The debut episode begins the night before heading out to sea.  A group from the F/V Northwestern plays a joke on the crew of the Hillstrand’s boat—one of the infamous jokes they are all known for. Members of Captain Sig Hansen’s set an inflatable rubber raft to make a racket opening while the conspirators yell “fire!” after sneaking aboard the F/V Time Bandit. The fire alarm also goes off at this time waking up the ship’s crew who, half asleep, are trying to figure out what happened.

It doesn’t take long to guess who is behind the antics.  Stay tuned to see what the Captains Hillstrand and group will do in response to their interrupted slumber.

This first show is a great start to what promises to be an exciting 2011 King Crab fishing season.

[{NEW}] Grimm Season 2 Episode 22 Online Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

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Grimm - Season 2

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror
Episode Name: Goodnight, Sweet Grimm
Air date: 5/21/2013
Summary: Nick investigates a series of rage-fueled assaults; Nick learns Captain Renard’s brother is in town; Stefania and Frau Pech battle each other using their alliances with Adalind.

Vienna and Adalind is still in so very good with Eric but even her charms can’t hold him when he gets a call from the king (though he did check which king first – but he can’t deny his father). While he takes the call Adalind listens in and hears that the families have agreed to something – and that his father is criticising him for sleeping with a Hexenbiest though Eric points out that his father did exactly the same.

I’m a little surprised Eric is speaking English, since Renard and all his contacts language of preference is French. And their home being in Austria. Is this just American “Europe” again or is there a reason?

In Portland Nick and Juliette arrive home with a whole lot of new revelations and events in the air. Now she’s beginning to remember, Juliette apologises for what she said when she didn’t remember him – he says she doesn’t have to, he understands but she realises how hurtful they must have been. They’re going to go back into a relationship – but slowly, so as not to jog Juliette’s memory too badly.

The next day after all that sweetness, Wu gets a call out with his partner to a domestic – a wesen inside is trashing the place. Rushing in they find a dead woman on the floor. The Wesen attacks them and Wu’s partner is forced to shoot him. The man has odd, inflamed red eyes and green goo spilling from his nose. Nasty.

Back in Vienna, Adalind meets Stefania (the gypsy queen) who has found a way to restore Adalind’s powers in exchange for her baby. Which involves signing a contract she doesn’t understand – Adalind, a lawyer, objects and Stefania slams her hand on it – the contracts pulls blood from her veins forming a hand print. The contract is binding. As Stefania leaves, Frau Pesch watches.

In Portland the gang arrives at the crime scene and it seems the dead woman was dead before the Wesen freaked out – there’s not a mark on her. Leaving the scene there’s a Black Man in a top hat watching them – this is relevant because the ominous music tells us so and the camera focuses on him.

I’m going to take a massive guess and take the title, the top hat and the opening rhyme, I’m going to go with Vodou.

[{NEW}] The Bad Girls Club Season 10 Episode 18 Online Reunion Part III – Old Beef New Leaf

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The Bad Girls Club Season 10 Episode 18a

Genre: Reality-TV
Episode Name: Reunion Part III – Old Beef, New Leaf
Air date: 5/21/2013
Summary: Alicia is confronted by the other “Bad” Girls about her shocking exit. Elsewhere, a raging Nicky blows off steam by confronting an unexpected target, leading to a shocking showdown.

Parents need to know that this negative reality show from the creators of The Real World doesn’t fall far from the tree, zeroing in on conflict and bad behavior and passing them off as entertainment. The series follows a group of women who were selected to live together because of their inclination for negative behavior, which ranges from lying to physical violence. Don’t let the TV-14 rating fool you: The antics and examples on display here aren’t fit for teens (or anyone, for that matter). Conflicts between cast members — which sometimes include physical fighting — are the focus of the show. Cast members are often seen drinking excessively, which sometimes serves as a motivator for more violent behavior.

Brought to you by the creators of The Real World, THE BAD GIRLS CLUB focuses on seven strong young women who pride themselves in being both strong and unwilling to conform to what society expects of them, proving their point by engaging in outrageously bad behavior. The members of the club include aggressive Aimee, who believes that other women are generally out to get her; Jodie, a conservative office worker who likes to have fun after hours; Ty, a tough-talking former hustler; Kerry, whose recklessness has sidetracked her country music career; adult entertainer Leslie; spoiled, angry Ripsi; and Zara, who’s known in her small town as the “wild child.” While living in their posh Los Angeles house, the women try to become friends while coping with one another’s backstabbing, lying, cheating, and flirting. Manipulative and deviously resourceful, they all engage in their own brand of destructive behavior in order to have fun, get want they want, and — sometimes — get even with the other women in the house.

Like any reality show, The Bad Girls Club has some soap opera-ish storylines, as well as some soul-searching among cast members as they begin to think about their own behavior as well as their relationships with their roommates. But the show’s real focus is on the ladies’ excessive arguing and physical fighting. While the housemates may believe that their aggressive, often-outlandish behavior empowers them, the show presents them as a group of catty, irrational girls who are more interested in creating a spectacle of themselves. It’s an extremely negative, stereotypical portrayal of strong women and offers a very misguided interpretation of what assertive, self-confident women are really all about.

[{NEW}] Awkward. Season 3 Episode 7 Online Guilt Trippin

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Genre: Comedy, Family
Episode Name: Guilt Trippin’
Air date: 5/21/2013
For 15-year old Jenna Hamilton, played by Ashley Rickards, life is forever changed after an accident turns into a horrible misunderstanding. Narrated in the first-person voice of Jenna’s blog posts, “Awkward.” captures the humor within the struggles and experiences everyone can relate to from their formative years. The series picks up in the aftermath of the accident as she must deal with a new not-so-fun stigma, while at the same time managing the other daily drama that comes with being a teenager. From a secret relationship with a popular guy, to being undermined by a mean girl, and parents who just don’t get it – Jenna’s misfortune will eventually serve as the catalyst for amazing change, but it’s not without some missteps and mishaps along the way.

“That Girl Strikes Again” took us way back to the early days of Awkward, to a time when Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) was but a footnote in the story of Palos Hills, before her she became “the girl who tried to kill herself.” Episode six of Season 3 saw Halloween hitting the halls of Jenna’s high school, prompting the school tramps to draft up a “Hot and Not” list on the one day a year Mean Girls taught us it’s okay to be a ***. Jenna Hamilton wore a hoodie.

[{NEW}] Saturday Night Live Season 38 Episode 21 Online

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Genre: Comedy, Music
Episode Name: Ben Affleck / Kanye West
Air date: 5/18/2013
A late-night comedy show featuring several short skits, parodies of television commercials, a live guest band, and a pop-cultural guest host each week. Many of the SNL players have spun off successful independent comedy and/or movie careers from here. With live show surprises, especially those timed to the election – from Barack Obama’s surprise walk-on, Hillary Clinton’s performance opposite Amy Poehler, and Senator John McCain’s “Weekend Update” appearance – “SNL” is making headlines and influencing the political dialogue while skewering it at the same time. Beyond politics, the show’s cast of recurring characters and take on pop culture targets remains spot-on. The addition of the show’s Emmy Award-winning SNL Digital Shorts continues to keep the show as current today as it was when it debuted.

It’s not often we see the Fox & Friends sketch pop up as the opening bit (have we ever, actually?), but it’s good to see Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan, and Vanessa Bayer do these characters so early in the show — especially when they’re skewering the Fox team for making fun of NBA player Jason Collins, who just came out. Lots of silly jokes about which athletes they thought would be gay and plenty of Moynihan goober behavior, and a pop-in from Fred Armisen as mayor Michael Bloomberg. Armisen’s Bloomberg just about steals it with a spot-on impression, but the main trio are so great at pretending to be people who think they’re funny that they don’t let Armisen hog all the laughs.
And of course, that delightful “fact-checking” crawl, which features notes like “Lena Dunham is not a girl ventriloquist” and “Zach Braff is not the sound a trumpet makes.”

The piano is out! Yes! If you guys are familiar at all with Zach Galifianakis’ stand-up stuff, then you know that his piano jokes are fantastic — it’s in line with what Demetri Martin does, coming up with clever one-liners, and using a musical instrument to give it some layering. Last time Zach hosted ‘SNL,’ he was given an extended opening monologue and allowed to stretch his legs a bit with some jokes and a piano segment. It’s always wonderful when ‘SNL’ allows comedians to do what they do best. (Also, that episode gave me one of my favorite jokes: “Sometimes I do something and I think, ‘That’s So Raven,’ and other times I do something and I think, ‘That’s not very Raven.’”)

Zach starts off by telling us not to get our hopes up (a great line), before segueing into stand-up. Not much to say here — his jokes are great and a reminder that he’s so much more than ‘The Hangover.’

Oh, ‘SNL,’ you know just how to woo me tonight. Bill Hader hosts the fake E! game show “Game of Game of Thrones,” with Zach, Killam, and Aidy Bryant answering trivia questions about ‘Game of Thrones.’ Killam is dressed like some kind of knight, Zach is a dragon, and Aidy is just a dorky girl. Zach does this great lispy-retainer voice where he spits everywhere, so it almost doesn’t even matter what this sketch is because seeing him do that in a dragon costume is bliss. Things get really wacky when Hader starts asking the contestants questions that aren’t about the show, like, “What is a Roth IRA?” (In all fairness, I can’t answer this question, either.)

[{NEW}] Doctor Who (2005) Season 7 Episode 13 Online

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Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Episode Name: The Name of the Doctor
Air date: 5/18/2013
Summary: Someone is kidnapping the Doctor’s friends, leading him towards the one place in all of time and space that he should never go.

With “The Crimson Horror,” the new series of Doctor Who notches its 100th episode. It’s an achievement that would have seemed outlandishly improbable when the series debuted in 2005, turning the franchise from a fading memory into a pop culture juggernaut that shows no sign of slowing down as it approaches its 50th anniversary. Writer Mark Gatiss, who helped launch the new series with a story set in the Victorian era (“The Unquiet Dead”), revisits one of Doctor Who’s favorite time periods with a wonderfully lurid tale which provides splendid entertainment, but also ties into and advances the ongoing arc of the season.

Gatiss’s script is entirely different in feel from “Cold War,” which achieved its effect by keeping characters, events, and environment as realistic as possible. The episode starts with Mrs. Winifred Gillyflower (Diana Rigg) railing against the “moral decay” of the grim industrial towns across the north of England, but the nod to social realism is soon left behind as the story getting wilder and wilder. Mrs. Gillyflower is gathering recruits for a new “perfect” town: Sweetville, named for her unseen partner Mr. Sweet. She subjects them to submersion in a strange red liquid that’s supposed to preserve them against a coming apocalypse. Except for her daughter, Ada (Rachael Stirling), who’s been left blind and scarred, those whose bodies can’t withstand the preserving solution are dumped in the local canal, their bright red skins a mystery for the authorities. By the time it emerges that her plan is to explode a rocket full of the toxic red substance into the atmosphere, killing everyone except her chosen “pilgrims,” and that the source of the poison is an ancient parasite symbiotically bonded to her chest, “The Crimson Horror” has become a full-blown steampunk action adventure, and Gatiss controls the changing tone of the episode expertly.

The story also benefits from being told almost as a tale from a spin-off series starring Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Jenny (Catrin Stewart), and Strax (Dan Starkey), three characters last seen in “The Snowmen.” In the exaggerated reality of this episode, a lizard-woman detective, her maid who’s also a martial arts expert, and a Sontaran warrior who serves as a butler don’t feel at all out of place.

[{NEW}] The Office Season 9 Episode 24 Online FINALE

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Genre: Comedy
Episode Name: Finale (1)
Air date: 5/16/2013
Summary: Months after the airing of the documentary, the workers of Dunder Mifflin, past and present, gather for a wedding and a final round of interviews. Mysteries are solved, hatchets are buried, pranks are prunked.

NBC’s “The Office” is counting down the final 3 episodes to the season and show finale of the TV s comedy series that everyone fell in love with.

The tv series is based in Pennsylvania at a paper company, “Dunder Miffilin” and is a documentary style shot series of the companies employees.  By featuring popular actors and actresses as Steve Carrell (Michael Scott), Rainn Wilson (Dwight), Jenna Fischer (Pam), John Krasinski (Jim) and more, the series has had incredible ratings since the beginning seasons.

Season 1 of “The Office” got a lot of critical reviews, yet after season 2 fans and viewers alike began to understand the humor behind the episodes. The show grew to over a 9 million viewer rating, up from 5.4 million views in the first season. After the second season, ratings continued to stay strong and end up helping the popular comedy receive many awards including 40 Primetime Emmy nominations, winning three of them, as well as, being named the Best TV series by the American Film Institute.

Considering May 16 marks the final chapter for the series,  the TV program has been slowly leading up to its hour long finale. Season nine of the comedy premiered on September 20th of last year and has seen a drop in ratings since the premiere. All fans of the show knew that when Steve Carrell (Michael Scott) left, the show would not be the same and fans were ready for a conclusion to the show.

This being the last 25 episodes the cast members begin to reminisce on the last ten years of working together at “Dunder Miffilin”.

[{NEW}] Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 3 Online

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Genre: Comedy, Musical
Episode Name: Big Time Lies
Air date: 5/16/2013
Summary: Kendall tries to keep Jo from discovering Lucy has returned to the Palm Woods; Logan lies about being sick; Carlos and James tell a lie to cover their destruction of Gustavo’s office.

Parents need to know that aside from a hefty dose of improbability, there’s little to worry about in this tween-friendly comedy. Sure, the teen characters’ lives are a little too sanitized, and even relatable woes like the pressures of school and dating are hardly cast in a realistic light, but overall the show is full of lighthearted fun that’s not likely to be misinterpreted by media-savvy tweens. Parents may take issue with how the guys always seem to get their way with the adults around them, but it’s doubtful that any of their extreme stunts would have similar outcomes in the real world.

In BIG TIME RUSH, four teenage friends leave the snowy Midwest to follow their dream of becoming successful recording artists. After music executive Gustavo Rocque (Stephen Kramer Glickman) discovers Kendall (Kendall Schmidt) at an open casting call for a new band, he and his longtime pals James (James Maslow), Logan (Logan Henderson), and Carlos (Carlos Pena) head to Los Angeles with Kendall’s mom (Challen Cates) and little sister (Ciara Bravo) in the hopes that they’ve got what it takes to become the hot new band. But once there, they discover that it will take more than big dreams and flashy smiles to break through the competition.

At a time when reality series like American Idol promise to turn average Joes into overnight stars, the idea of a series based on the aftermath of a person’s “discovery” is an enticing one — even if it is fictitious. The show offers a lighthearted glimpse at the conflicting forces that exist between the guys’ dreams of starting a career and their efforts to make the most of their fleeting teenage years.

Big Time Rush certainly doesn’t try to incorporate much reality into its storylines, but for most tweens, separating this type of content from anything that might relate to their own lives is a no-brainer, so there’s little concern in allowing them to tune in.

[{NEW}] The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 24 Online FINAL

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Genre: Comedy
Episode Name: The Bon Voyage Reaction
Air date: 5/16/2013
Summary: Leonard gets a new job opportunity to work abroad for the summer, which surprises Penny and Sheldon. Raj worries that Lucy may not like his friends and tries to push their relationship into a new direction.

On this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, the girls join in on a game of D&D, Raj and Lucy take a step forward in their relationship, and Sheldon and Amy have a much-needed conversation.

Oh, Big Bang Theory. Just when I give you credit with a gushy review like last week’s, you turn around and fall right back into the same traps — “I’ve never played D&D with a girl before…” “Girls don’t have sex with boys who play D&D” etc etc. Jokes like that aren’t funny and more than that, they’re just not true. I’ve played D&D in an all-girl group before. I know hundreds of geeky girls who would love to play with — and date! — geeky boys. This show’s geek reality simply does not reflect the actual reality of the geek community and frankly jokes like that just aren’t funny to begin with.

So. With that out of the way, here’s your basic rundown of the plot: originally, the girls were headed off to Vegas and the boys were having a D&D game in their absence. However, fate conspires against this and Raj gets called away by Lucy while Amy gets put on a no fly list, leaving the girls to come back to the apartment and play D&D with the guys.

Raj pushes Lucy to break out of her shyness shell, which upsets her, but then they have a nice moment where he admits that he really likes her and they kiss through a chain link fence. It’s cute and quirky in the way that all Raj-and-Lucy things are turning out to be, and I think it’s one of those things like Zooey Deschanel — you either love that quirkiness or it’s too much for you and you can’t tolerate it — so I don’t blame any of you who are finding all this to be a bit twee. It works for me, though, and I thought it was a cute storyline that juxtaposes nicely with Sheldon and Amy’s storyline in the episode.